As a nearshoring BPO company for most European countries, BPO East is a great solution for businesses looking for an outsourcing partner. Over the years BPO East has proven itself to be a reliable BPO service provider with excellent level of quality and with a wide range of media monitoring, content moderation, community management and data entry service possibilities in more than 10 languages.

New locations, new possibilities

BPO East is located in Chisinau, the biggest city and the capital of the Republic of Moldova but we are building our network of new locations that became the engine where we push the boundaries of the possible solutions for our clients. Africa, Philippines, Albania, Ukraine are some of our new targeted locations. Each location is home to multidisciplinary teams of multilingual experts who work for our clients to take care of their routine functions.


BPO East provides a wide range of BPO services oriented to business processes optimization for an extensive range of industries and ensuring positive outcomes for your organization.

BPO East, a multilingual and multichannel BPO near-shore outsourcing partner, provides each client with custom made services specifically designed for their needs and requirements.

Multiple delivery centers
12+ Years of Experience
150+ Trained Professionals