Data Entry

Entering a specific type of data into a specific format

Data Processing

Making the data easier to view

Data Cleansing

Identifying incomplete or incorrect data and replacing or modifying it

Database Management

Control of data architecture, quality, security

Data Mining

Sorting through large data

Why to outsource your data entry Services to BPO East:

  • Possibility to create your own data base including the required industries, countries, job titles and contact names, companies, etc,
  • Tight deadlines with minimal error percentages
  • Security measures and safety training, using secure infrastructure and servers
  • Capacity and capability to process simple as well as highly complex data
  • Quality monitoring

BPO East delivers accurate and highly efficient data entry services in more than 10 languages, with remarkable cost-performance ratios and detailed quality assurance processes.

In the 21st century, having the right information is the key to success and companies tend to have the most up-to-date and optimal information to plan their marketing campaigns, to keep customers loyal and to satisfy consumers’ needs. Not being their core business, the greatest challenge is finding an outsourcing partner, able to provide efficient data entry services. Outsourcing data entry processes it’s a good way to significantly reduce operational costs and acquire quality, flexibility and transparency.

Data Entry: entering a specific type of data into a specific format.

BPO East offers you excellent professional data entry services and support for tens of records or a few million records to digitize and manually enter.

BPO East is providing data entry outsourcing services since 2007 for small to large companies globally across US, UK, Australia, Spain, Germany, France, Sweden, Belgium, and Netherlands among others.

Being an experienced offshore data entry company with well-trained data entry experts, our offshore services will help you achieve accurate data and make data entry outsourcing affordable, saving costs.

  • Management of Online and Offline Data; Online Data Entry of Audio Transcriptions, of Customer Feedback, for Mailing Lists
  • Offline Entry of Data from One Format to Another one (Sites to Excel, PDF to Excel, Magazines to Excel, etc);
  • Image Capturing, Image Sorting, Image Editing and Merging, Extracting Data from Images, Capture of Information From Online Business Directories and other sources, Writing Product Descriptions and Updating Product information for Ecommerce, Adding Images for Products

Data Processing: making the data easier to view.

Data processing involves drawing out specific information from a source, processing this information and presenting it in an easily accessible, digital format. This holds a great advantage for many organizations, as it allows for a more efficient method for retrieving information, while also safeguarding the data from loss or damage.

BPO East Data Processing Services allows you manage your data in a more efficient way, so your teams can make strategic decisions or marketing campaigns. Data Processing that includes forms processing, order processing and mailing list compilation as well as other processing of different forms of business and organizational information, is an essential but non-core aspect of business processes.

  • Data Enrichment, Mailing List Compilation, Word Processing and Formatting

Data Cleansing: identifying incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate or irrelevant parts of the data and then replacing, modifying, or deleting the dirty or coarse data.

Possessing a large database may not mean much for your business if the information contained is incorrect or inaccurate. BPO East will optimize the potency of your database, will format, classify, modify, replace, organize, delete and correct collected information across multiple data fields.  Data cleansing services are a simple and strategic approach to higher analytical productivity and increase return on investment for your direct marketing campaigns and sale activities.

We update old and obsolete data, rectifying all irregularities in data and performing referential integrity checks. BPO East creates homogenous pools of data to provide our clients with more effective data.

  • Identifying and removing duplicate records
  • Identifying and revising irrelevant, inaccurate, incomplete, missing, spurious, invalid, corrupt or obsolete data
  • Address Data Cleansing
  • Adding missing details such as first and last names, company address and industry, telephone numbers and postal codes, job titles, etc.
  • Matching and correlating data across a number of fields

Database Management: control of data architecture, quality, security, policy, practices and procedures.

Data management has become critical to the success of any business and it is necessary to organize and manage the data effectively so it can be easy transferred, stored and recovered. For the successful maintenance of a company’s information, database management and migration are very important.

To draft a database or carry out migration of data from an existing to a new database may be challenging for many companies. The financial situation, the technical expertise, or the time needed to complete with this function may affect the final decision and many business will not go for it. For pet-safe pest control in Texas, visit A practical alternative that can be more cost-effective is to outsource the database management and migration functions to an experienced and trustworthy service provider.

BPO East provides you customized database management and migration services.

  • Monitoring customer orders, tracking them and updating the database on successful completion of orders
  • Updating information from catalogues, brochures and other business information which is relevant to your CRM
  • Updating customer contact details and ensuring that all details are correct and recent
  • Incorporation of new customer details and removal of redundant information
  • Managing, entering and updating information related to marketing efforts such as research reports, surveys and leads
  • Updating information related to customer requests, queries and complaints
  • Monitoring the integrity of the CRM database at all times and ensuring data security
  • Regular upgrades and maintenance of database, where needed
  • Updating of information related to web-based transactions, social media and e-mail based customer relationship efforts

Data Mining: sorting through large data so that you will be able to identify patterns and establish relationships.

Data mining is the process of analyzing data from a large range of sources and organizing this information into useful formats. The data which is gathered is examined to discover prevalent market trends, predict future prosperous opportunities, and assist with driving revenue and cutting costs.

BPO East has extensive experience in data mining services and has the competence and capability to add value to clients’ processes and operations from different industries.

We deliver a compact knowledge base and opportunities for our clients to evaluate the information, summarizing unsorted information from different websites, forums, directories, blogs and online portals.

  • Establishing the relationship between internal (price, product positioning) and external (customer demographics, competitor analysis) factors.
  • Clustering information, creating information repositories and combining multiple databases to make a data warehouse.

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