Stay informed of the mentions you receive and understand how your story has been received by journalists and influencers

Print Media Monitoring

Searching for any mention of your brand in newspapers and magazines

Broadcast Media Monitoring

Follow your brand on television and radio

Online & Social Media

Scanning for mentions across Internet

We live in a society constantly connected to the Internet and what is being said about your company, brand or product can travel all over the world within minutes. You can’t stay indifferent when it comes to crucial mentions regarding your company and products.

Media monitoring it’s a service provided for at least 150 years and it consists of collecting and analyzing publicly available mentions containing predefined keywords.

BPO East will assist you on different aspects of your online presence as is one of the crucial aspects of building trust to your brand, increasing your brand awareness.

BPO East Media Monitoring Service helps you stay on the top of all publicly available information concerning your company, brand, or product.

For any PR plan, measurement and monitoring is essential. BPO East Media Monitoring Service will help you to see the impact of your content across broadcast, print, online and social media, all in one place and to give you valuable insight into how your business is portrayed in the digital and offline media.

BPO East Media Monitoring Service offers you a wide range of stats, metrics, and analysis features such as:

  • Total number of mentions
  • Estimated social media reach
  • Social media interactions (shares and likes)
  • The number of videos
  • The number of positive and negative mentions
  • The number of mentions from blogs and forums

With 12+ years of experience, multilingual employees and 24/7 availability, BPO East can assist in the administration of your organization’s needs for moderation and let you:

  • keep track of public attitudes towards your company or products;
  • manage your reputation and find new ways to build it up;
  • capture your media exposure to identify your strengths and weaknesses;
  • get business intelligence reports to have the edge over your competitors;
  • measure the effectiveness of your marketing and communication campaigns.

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